The brief for my project was to create a media product to do with Heroes, The first thing I did was made a mood board to present the idea of project to my lecturers, for this I made three prototype designs one of which actually has been included into my work (the small fighter), I also made the rest of the board, it had pictures and examples of the similar games and ideas. i thought this went well as the lecturers seemed happy with my ideas and what I was going to make.

For my project I set out to make 3 assets and to put them on a poster to advertise my game I arrived at my idea because I like sci-fi movies/games (like mass effect and star wars) and I would like to incorporate this into my FMP, as it will motivate me to work more as I want to succeed. I like Classic 70s sci-fi comics and the art style of the game No Man’s Sky, and I want to incorporate theses art styles into my assets. I have managed to create 2 highly detailed assets with one of them having to separate textures.

Image result for mass effect andromeda

This relates to the brief as I made the ship of the hero form the game (I adapted a prototype I used for my presentation so it had a lot more detail and even made a crashed version but I scraped this due to time constraints). I was also planning to put another one of my prototypes into my final project but I scraped this to concentrate more time on my other two ships.

, instead of making a poster I desired to animate my assets instead as I thought this would be more effective. If I had more time I would make both a poster and a animation, if I had to do this project again I would put more time into the 3D model and not worry about unwrapping till I actually have to do it.

I think that the thing that went well was the actual making of the asset although I think I did spend a bit to much time on this but I think it was worth it in the end. the bit I enjoyed the most is the actual making of the assets because I get to be imaginative and experiment with different shapes and designs.

At first i was planning to make a poster for my assets to be displayed on but due to time constraints I haven’t been able to do this but my lecturer thought it would be a good idea to animate my assets as it would give a demonstration of what my game would have looked like if it had been made into a fully animated game.(at the start of the project i made it clear that i would not be making the game as i would not have enough time to complete it properly.

Due to the time spent on the asset I ran out of time to render the animation of my assets this is a problem but I have used the camera on my phone to prove that it dose move, however I came in and managed to find the footage of my asset that I rendered then lost so you can now see it hear.