This is a record of all my production work towards my FMP project.

06/04/2017 – Week 1.

For the first week of my project I had to make a presentation on my project to show the lecturers what i’m going to do, for this i had to make a board with ideas and concepts on what i’m going to do, I even made some prototypes on what I could make for my project.

13/04/2017 – Week 2.

Here is a timeline of how I molded the ship, I have begun to make a second ship but i am unsure if I am going to include this in my final outcome.

On my first ship i took inspiration from the hammerhead corvette from star wars.





20/04/2017 – Week 3.

This week I have added more detail onto my ships and I have decided to get rid of one of my ship and concern trait on make just two.


13/04/2017 – Week 4.

I have designed this ship to carry other smaller fighter ships that can deploy at any time.

I will be finishing the prototype design that I made to present my project as I like the design. I have also made a verity on this as i made one with a broken wing as well.


20/04/2017 – Week 5.

This week I have started create my final project and have sketched designs of what I could make. I have also created some more research (this will be in the research). I have used 3DS max and Photoshop to accomplish my task’s. I could have done with some more time as it there was a bank holiday so i could do with some catch up. my goal next week is to texture one of my assets.

27/04/2017 – Week 6.

This week i have been making multiple 3d assets, I have realized that this is too much so i have cut down to just 2 3d models that i will put more effort into minimal. i also did some more research to deside which sort of ship to make and what shape.

11/05/2017 – Week 7.

This week I have continued to make my assets on 3DS max i have desired that the two models I have made can fit together so I have turned my bigger ship in to a carrier for the smaller one. i have also considered making a poster to display my two assets instead of just having them rendered in 3DS max.

18/05/2017 – Week 8.

This week I have started to unwrap my bigger asset I will aim to Finnish this next week and start to unwrap the smaller ship. With this out the way I can now concentration on other important goals like texturing and posing.

25/05/2017 – Week 9.

This week i have fully textured my first ship, the problem with this is that I made some of the panels on the ship to small in the unwrap this has caused it to be poorly rendered I will not correct this problem because I will run out of time but i will avoid doing this in my second ship.


This is bad because it looks unprofessional and would not be a industry standard.

01/06/2017 – Week 10.

This week I have made two textures for my smaller ship (a orange one and a blue one), I have also started to make the texture shine with a spec map.



I have not been able to make the texture on the orange version shine like the blue one so I could only use the blue one, but I want to try again before giving up on it.

I also made logos for my smaller ships (as seen bellow).


08/06/2017 – Week 12.

This week I have animated my ships to move, i have even made it so the smaller ships detach from the larger one. In the process the software 3ds max crashed so I had to start again, after I got it to work again.

I have also made i simple stand to display my ships.

I have included a video to demonstrate the animation of my assets for my project, I have had problems with rendering so i have kept it simple.

Here is some final images of the finished product.